Our campaigning, research and learning opportunities add to a bigger picture of activity across the United Kingdom.  Many people; neighbours, families, friends, charities, businesses, post offices, pubs and interest groups across the country are already working to end loneliness, whether they are aware of it or not.

We can’t list them all, but their work varies from neighbourly help to regular social activities, computer classes to one-to-one befriending, and can happen in homes, community centres, cafes, sheds or over the telephone.

Our own part in this is to provide a nationwide voice to commissioners who can support such work, and sustenance to all those who are part of this bigger picture. We seek to build and communicate a strong evidence base, and influence long term policy change that can benefit the largest number of people.

If you, like us, believe we need to work together to tackle loneliness, we want to spur you on despite these difficult economic times and inspire you to take your place in this growing movement to tackle one of the biggest hardships of older age: loneliness.

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