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“Christmas is a family time. If you haven’t got a family, it’s just another weekend on your own” – John’s story  

My wife Joan died suddenly. It was 3 days before my 80th birthday. We had been together for 58 years. My brain hit a brick wall. I would wake up, make breakfast and then realise she wasn’t there. I would go to the café and it would all be couples. I was there on my…
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“I could not believe how lonely I felt when I lost my husband” – Susan’s story

Christmas can be an especially lonely time for many people. In this blog Susan talks about how the loss of her husband has affected her, and why we should all make the effort to reach out to people and connect this Christmas.  My name is Susan McGinlay. Four years ago I lost Michael, my husband…
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12 Ways to End Loneliness this Christmas

Almost a million older people say they feel lonelier at Christmas (based on research by Age UK), and half a million older people can go up to a week without seeing or speaking to anyone.  This Christmas we want to change that, but we need you. We’ve come up with 12 simple things you can…
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