Tackling workplace loneliness: Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)

The CPS have comprehensive support and guidance in place for people who are experiencing loneliness and to help managers identify and support staff in this situation.

The CPS strategy ‘Our Wellbeing Matters’(OWM) provides a framework of self-support for staff and a signposting mechanism for managers to use. The OWM portal provides information and links for particular physical and mental health conditions. It hosts a specific section on creating opportunities for social connection to help combat loneliness and a list of support organisations, as well as organisations that people can join to meet new people. Staff also have access to a pool of 210 Mental Health First Aiders (MHFAs) internally and a 24/7 Employee Assistance Programme helpline, should they be feeling lonely in a way that impacts on their mental health. The CPS has funded access to the Thrive Mental Health app, that can be downloaded to personal devices, which helps people identify dips in their own mental health, whilst also signposting to support options. For those who are really struggling there is the option of having conversations with a qualified psychologist for further support.

From data collected from our MHFA network, we know that loneliness has increased within the CPS in the last year with virtual working. The introduction of Microsoft Teams with video calling has helped counterbalance this. Managers have been supported in managing remotely and they have been innovative in seeking new ways to engage with their teams. The CPS has been collating data from its network of MHFAs which has helped identify emerging wellbeing themes and in the last 12 months staff have had access to a range of wellbeing webinars and virtual workshops (including supporting social connections in challenging times) to help address these needs. Feedback for this workshop was positive and the trainer’s openness and honesty set the tone for a safe space for people to open-up.

This information is taken from Employers and Loneliness Guidance which was produced by the Campaign to End Loneliness on behalf of the Department, Culture, Media and Sport