Robin HewingsProgramme Director

Robin Hewings is the Programme Director of the Campaign to End Loneliness. He was drawn to the issue because of the profound ways that loneliness can affect us while also being something that many of us can relate to.

Before heading up the Campaign, he led our work on policy and research, directing programmes of work on the response to Covid-19 on loneliness, the psychology of loneliness, and refreshing the Promising Approaches framework.
He also led the campaign team working in with the devolved administrations and in local areas.

Dr. Kalpa Kharicha – Head of Research, Policy and Practice

Kalpa Kharicha joined the Campaign with an academic social science background, most recently at University College London where she developed her research interests in ageing, health and wellbeing promotion and inequalities. Her PhD was on loneliness in later life and explored older people’s experiences and responses to loneliness.

Since joining the Campaign, Kalpa has led the Campaign’s work on the Psychology of Loneliness report, released in summer 2020. She heads up the Research and Policy Hub programme that brings researchers, policy makers and practitioners from all sectors together to look at loneliness in ways that create understanding and generate positive change.

She is particularly interested in bringing together evidence from research, including lived experience, and practice to increase our understanding and responses to loneliness.

Jenny Manchester – Communications Manager

Jenny Manchester has experience of managing communications for a wide variety of non-profit organisations including charities, local government and policy think-tanks. As well as working for leading charities such as Macmillan Cancer Support and Marie Curie Cancer Care, she led the Press Office at the Equal Opportunities Commission and managed high profile campaigns on gender inequalities including pregnancy discrimination.  While working as communications lead for an adult and children’s social care team for the London Borough of Bromley she became interested in the area of loneliness specifically on mainstreaming loneliness into the work of local authorities and became aware of the Campaign’s work through the Combating Loneliness Guide for local authorities. Since joining the Campaign, she has led the promotion of the Campaign’s work across its communications channels and is particularly interested in using communications to raise awareness of the impact and cost of chronic loneliness on society.

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