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If you care about people in this country being able to grow old well; know someone who is lonely or are just inspired to help out in your local community then you should join the Campaign and work with us to improve lives across the nation.

As an individual or as part of an organisation, by becoming a supporter of the Campaign to End Loneliness you will:

  • Stay informed: on the issue of loneliness, evidence for best practice and the work of our Research Hub
  • Make an impact: Take the opportunity to make an impact in your local community by joining our project and campaigning work
  • Influence policy and practice: by sharing your experience of the issue, and what works to overcome it

To become a supporter simply complete our quick and easy online form.

Councillor Sue Cooley, Lead for Valuing Older People for Manchester City Council explains why they decided to join the Campaign to End Loneliness:

“Loneliness is a very real problem for older people and it is important we do anything we can to help alleviate the problem. Manchester City Council has taken this problem very seriously, a fact that is reflected by being the only UK city to have earned the World Health Organisation’s Age-friendly status.

By joining the Campaign to End Loneliness we will be able to share our experiences and expertise with other organisation and most importantly help ease the isolation of even more people.”

As a supporter of the Campaign to End Loneliness we will ask you to:

  • Raise awareness – of what you are doing in your area or through us at the Campaign. This will inspire others and increase the profile of solutions to loneliness.
  • Spread the word – about the Campaign and what can be done to end loneliness. Why not use our postcards to start these conversations?
  • Get actively involved – in our local campaigning work, volunteer with our supporters or look for change in your community today.