We base all of our campaigning on the growing research evidence on loneliness.

In 2011 we founded the Research and Policy Hub – an international network of university academics, other researchers and practitioners working to increase and develop the evidence base on the issue of loneliness in older age – that informs so much of our work.

This page provides a summary of the latest thinking and research on loneliness.

How can you measure loneliness?

Loneliness is a subjective feeling, and can be difficult to measure.

How common is loneliness?

Risk to health

Loneliness interventions

One of the most contested areas of loneliness research is evidence around which interventions work.

Promising approaches

Because it is difficult to determine which interventions work from the academic literature, in 2015 we wrote Promising Approaches, a guide to highlight interventions and ways to tackle loneliness that seemed to have promise.