A poem by David Edwards.

Do not mistake solitude for loneliness,

For solitude brings its own friends.

It can bring peace and understanding,

The joyous sound of children laughing

Echoing across the years.

The clink of glasses,

Raised in ceremonious hope,

A fingertip touch, that meant so much more.

Solitude has time for you,

It can say, Take me home

And I will lie with you

While you warm your heart

In the embers of desire.

It will stand by your side

As you watch your first sunrise

And still be fresh

As that same sun then slips into the pocket

Of the coat, worn by night.

But beware of its rival,

For loneliness has no peace.

It cannot understand the joy of solitude.

It will place its hand over the mouths of children

And you will try, but fail

To hear the laughter that belongs to you.

Its glass lies empty

Dashed on the rock of truth,

Its embers have grown cold

And leave you shivering

As a helpless puppy

Who trembles in fear.

You stand alone at sunrise,

For loneliness shuns the light of day

Preferring its pocket of darkness,

Unwilling to see the dawn of truth

So be on your way with solitude

And give no thought to loneliness and its life