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Monthly Archives: December 2022

Promising Approaches (Revisited)

Our Promising Approaches Framework presents a Framework approach to reducing loneliness to help local councils, commissioning bodies and service providers explore the best way forward to invest in, and run, loneliness interventions.

Lessons from Lockdown

Lessons from Lockdown sets out what we heard from charities and organisation which supported people during Covid-19. It  offers practical guidance, hints and tips for organisations and individuals working to tackle loneliness and social isolation.

Bereavement in the time of Covid-19

This report presents an overview of learning shared by some of the UK’s leading charities on how to support people who have been bereaved during  the pandemic –

Loneliness Beyond Covid-19

Loneliness is beyond Covid-19 is a significant analysis of the impact of Covid-19 on our experience of loneliness.  It draws out the factors that made some people more likely to experience chronic loneliness during the pandemic.

Conversations through Covid-19

As part of our Loneliness in the time of Covid-19 session organisations working to address loneliness and social isolation came together to share learning around supporting people to keep up conversations during the pandemic.  This report summarises this learning.