Covid-19 had a clear and immediate impact on everyone’s ability to connect socially with others. Many recognised the risk that people living alone, or living apart from key people in their lives, would be severely affected by loneliness. 

Individuals, community groups, and organisations stepped forward to offer support and respond to the crisis. At the same time, organisations with a history of addressing loneliness redoubled their efforts, drawing on their existing knowledge and insight into the nature of loneliness and how best to address it.

Loneliness during a time of bereavement (April 2021) addresses the impact of Covid-19 on our experience of bereavement and grief. Read more about our work to share learning about supporting people who are bereaved.

Conversations during Covid-19 (March 2021) brought together learning from more than 90 organisations which support people who feel isolated, in how to support people in making and developing meaningful conversations following the pandemic.